Action Backed Carpets

Action Backed Carpets Shop action backed carpets from Carpet Warehouse. This carpet backing type is also sometimes referred to as hessian carpet backing. Alternatively, for felt backed carpets, visit our dedicated collection page.

Want to try our action backed carpets for yourself? Take advantage of our free carpet sample service, and have up to four carpet samples delivered straight to your door - with no additional cost involved.

Purchasing action backed carpets for trade purposes? Visit our dedicated trade services page for more information on exclusive perks and benefits that you may be eligible to receive as a trade customer. 

What Is Action Back Carpet?

What does action backed carpet mean? - Action backed carpets (or hessian carpet backing as it is sometimes named) are one of the most popular carpet backing types available, typically offering more resilience and durability over time than felt back carpeting. This backing type is much more rigid than felt backing, constructed from a sturdy synthetic fabric.

Action back carpet requires carpet grippers to properly install, as well as the right underlay pairing - depending on the type of carpet that you’re looking to install in your home.

Visit our dedicated carpet underlay collection page to browse our range of available options, or take a look at the ‘recommended underlay’ tab on each product page to see which pairing we recommended based on your usage and room type.