Loop Carpets

Browse our range of loop carpets - hard wearing, durable, and resilient against even the toughest everyday pressure and wear when paired with the right underlay combination. From simple grey loop carpets to more distinctive patterns and colours, we at Carpet Warehouse offer only the highest-quality polypropylene loop carpets, built to last.

Looking for a more luxurious, softer pile carpet? Take a look at our dedicated Saxony pile carpet page. Alternatively, See our budget carpets page for a carefully curated list of affordable carpet ranges and options.

What Is a Loop Pile Carpet?

Providing both durability and value for money, loop pile carpets are a fantastic choice for busy areas of the home. With a tightly-packed ‘loop’ style pile design, they’re easy to clean and maintain over a long period of time, and hard-wearing against stains and pressure when paired with the right carpet underlay.

Looking for a durable and long-lasting carpet for a rental property? Loop carpets are also an extremely popular choice amongst landlords that want a sturdy and resilient carpet that can best manage overall wear and tear, and also mask stains and marks.